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 Numatic NuSpeed Rotary Floor Scrubber & High Speed Polisher Range

Floor maintenance is a very important part of cleanliness and in busy places requires daily maintenance. The Numatic NuSpeed Rotary Floor Scrubber/Polishers with the New ATC Drive System and fold down handle for easy storage. These features are available on NR1500, NRL1500, NRT1530 and the NRU1500 machines. Also these machines are designed for the professional, who requires a heavier 40 kilo rotary floor machine, to achieve a very high standard of finish, whether cleaning, scrubbing, restoration, spray/buffing or polishing. STAFF TRAINING available. FREE demonstrations on all machines. PRICE PROMISE we will match any internet website, subject to conditions



Chemiclean's Price

Numatic NuSpeed
NR1500S & NR1500M
Rotary Floor Machine
Choice of Accessories:

Polyscrub Brush (606203) or  Padloc Drive Board (606401) can be fitted.  See accessories section below

Numatic NR1500 Floor Polisher/Scrubber
The NuSpeed 1500 is a new generation of floor maintenance machines which is only made possible by a New ATC Drive System introducing a dramatic 50% increase in power output.

The NR1500S has the unique NuSpeed foldaway system design concept, which means that the machine requires less room, than a conventional rotary machines for storage

Scrubbing Applications: NR1500S Standard Speed Motor 150 rpm is idea for Scrubbing and Marble Floor Polishing.  A  choice of Polyscrub Brush (606203) or Nuloc Pad Drive Board (606206) can be fitted.  See accessories below

Scrubbing and Polishing Applications: NR1500M Medium Speed Motor 230 rpm is idea for Scrubbing and Polishing any floor surface. 




Rotary Floor Polisher

NR1500H  Floor Polisher with Pad Drive Board

The NR1500H is a easy to handle commercial machine for professional polishing of large areas. i.e. School Halls, Community Centres etc.

The NR1500H has the unique NuSpeed foldaway system design concept, which means that the machine requires less room, than conventional rotary machines for storage 

Polishing Applications: NR1500H is a 300rpm High Speed Polisher supplied with a Flexi Pad Drive system as standard. 

Specification: 450mm Base.  Weight 40 kilos.  Cleaning Range 32 metres.



FREE Flexi Drive Board included with this machine

Standard Speed
Rotary Machine
500mm Base

weight: 40 kilos

Numatic NRL 1500 Floor Scrubber


The NRL 1500 is a 150 rpm Standard Speed machine, similar to the NR1500S with its ATC Drive System, but with a larger 500mm base and an extra 10 kilos "Snap On" weight as standard. Making this machine ideal for larger  areas of Floor Maintenance and Restoration £850.00

Manufacturer's Recommended Price £1016.26

NRT1530 HD
Dual Speed Rotary Floor Machine

Numatic NRT1530-HD Dual Speed Floor Machine

Solution Tank not included, an  optional extra

A true 2 x 2 of the Floorcare business with a hi-range and low-range drive system allowing an instant selection of speed between 150 rpm and 300 rpm to suit the need of the operator and a full 40 kg professional operating weight as standard. The twin function is particularly useful for those many applications where one machine must satisfy many different requirements within the working day and with the very real advantage of compact storage when not in use.

Specification: Twin Speed Motor 150/300 rpm.  450mm Base. Weight 40 kilos. Cleaning Range 32 metres.


Plus Free 

* Flexi Drive Board

Manufacturer's Recommended Price £1,368.29

Ultra High Speed Rotary Machine

Ideal machine for Burnishing

Numatic NuSpeed High Speed Floor Polisher 1500rpm
The NuSpeed Ultra is unique in many respects providing a burnishing machine that automatically adjusts to varying floor conditions whilst in us and that can be easily manoeuvred in the most restricted areas. If its high lustre polish or "wet look" finish you are after, then look no further! The NuSpeed Ultra incorporates our unique automatic floating head pad drive allowing a totally consisted performance between pad and floor and, by virtue of the increased power and pad pressure applied, a significant advance in the surface temperature is achieved substantially improving the polished results.


Manufacturer's Recommended Price £1,445.73

606056 Numatic NuSpeed Spraytec Kit Nu-Speed Dustrol Vacuum Kit for dry use only i.e. dust collection or sanding.


606054 Numatic NuSpeed Spraytec Kit  Nu-Speed Spraytec Kit



606084 Nuspeed Solution Tank Nu-Speed Solution Tank


606401  Numatic High Speed Padlock Drive  400mm Padloc Drive Board for NR1500S and NR1500M 


606411  Numatic High Speed Padlock Drive Board 400mm Flexi Pad Drive for 300 rpm machines for NR1500H and NRT1530


606202 Numatic High Speed Polishing Brush 400mm Union Polishing Brush


606203 Numatic Polyscrub Brush 450mm Polypropylene Scrub Brush suitable for 450mm base machines


606412 Numatic High Speed Padlock Drive 400mm High Speed Spider Padloc Drive Pad 


Floor Maintenance Pads

Floor Pads

Floor Maintenance Pads available in sizes 14"/350mm to17"/425mm and in colours, Black, Brown, Green, Tan, Blue, White and Red.

Floor Pads 14"/350mm  for NLL332 Rotary floor machine

Floor Pads 16"/400mm for all NuSpeed Rotary Floor machines, except NRL1500.

Floor Pads 18"/450mm for NuSpeed NRL1500 machine


 Packed 5  pads per box

Prices start from


per box

Hard Floor
Bonnet Mops
Hard Floor Bonnet Mop for Dry Buffing 15HF 15"/375mm Hard Floor Bonnet Mop for all Numatic Rotary Floor machines except NuSpeed NRL 1500

17HF    425mm/17" Hard Floor Bonnet Mop for NuSpeed NRL1500 Rotary Floor Machine




High Speed
Floor Pads

for rotary machines
with speeds of 450 rpm & over
High Speed Floor Pads SAPPHIRE - 17"/425mm High Speed Floor Pads for high lustre polishing: A super soft polishing pad to give floors a high gloss shine. Suitable for daily use. (pack of 5 pads)

NATURAL - 17"/425mm High Speed Floor Pads for moderate burnishing: Virgin polyester combined with natural bristles and a special elastic resin make a very durable and flexible pad. Suitable for vigorous polishing or to finish the floor after crystallization. (pack of 5 pads)



Cleaning Products for maintaining Floors All our products are packed in 5 litre containers Prices per litre

Speedy Emulsion Floor Polish Stripper 

Floor Stripper for stripping old polish, packed in 5 litre containers  £2.60 per litre


DRIBRITE  Metalised Floor Polish

Metalised Floor Polish, packed in 5 litre containers £3.44 per litre


BUFFER Spray & Buff Cleaner & Maintainer 

Spray & Buff Cleaner for general cleaning and buffing to shine in one operation, packed in 5 litre containers

£1.87 per litre


BIOCHEM Muli Purpose Cleaner

Multipurpose floor cleaner and de-odouriser . Ideal for Rotary Floor Machines cleaning polished vinyl floors, packed in 5 litre containers

£2.10 per litre

FLOORDET FLOORDET Low Foam Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner Low Foam Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner. Ideal for Rotary Floor Machines cleaning concrete or heavy soiled floors, packed in 5 litre containers


£2.25 per litre


VANISH 643 Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner

Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner. Ideal for Rotary Floor Machines cleaning concrete or heavy soiled floors, packed in 5 litre containers

£1.98 per litre


All prices are subject to VAT. Free 24/48 Hour Delivery to anywhere in the UK mainland. We can also deliver to the Channel Islands,  Isle of Wright, Ireland, Isle of Man, The Orkneys and Europe, subject to a delivery charge, which will be advised before goods are dispatched. A delivery charge of £6.45 is charged on all orders for delivery within the UK mainland under £30.00. VAT:  All prices quoted are subject to VAT, payable on all orders delivered in the UK. Export Orders are exempt from VAT.


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