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Numatic Laundry Trolleys

The Numatic Hotel Laundry Trolley range, that have been specially designed to make the most efficient use of space for carrying all your laundry. Robustly built for everyday use and competitively priced to meet have everybody's budget. The range consists of the models NX 1001, NX 1501, NX 1002, NX 2001, NX 2401, NBT 200, LLT 200 and NB 3002




Chemiclean's Price

Servo-X series




Numatic Laundry Trolleys

Big in use, small in storage, the Servo-X laundry trolley range will always find favour in many locations where space is at an absolute premium. All Servo-X trolleys can be easily folded for storage and the laundry bags themselves can be removed, incorporating drag handles and our top enclosure system.  Servo-X uses all the same bag sizes as Servo-Keeper and Servo-Bag units, providing total uniformity and allowing a fully integrated and co-ordinated professional approach to system planning. Our Price from £112.50

Servo-X series

Model NX1001

Numatic Laundry Trolley NX 1001


1 x 100 litre bag

4 x 75mm casters

Dimensions: 460mm x 390mm x 960mm


Servo-X series

Model NX1501


Numatic Laundry Trolley NX 1501


1 x 150 litre bag

4 x 75mm casters

Dimensions: 760mm x 460mm x 760mm




Servo-X series

Model NX1002


Numatic Laundry Trolley NX 1002


2 x 100 litre bag

4 x 75mm casters

Dimensions: 760mm x 460mm x 960mm


Servo-X series

Model NX2001

Numatic Laundry Trolley NX 2001


1 x 200 litre bag

4 x 75mm casters

Dimensions: 760mm x 460mm x 960mm




Servo-X series

Model NX2401

Servo-X NX2401 Laundry Trolley


1 x 240 litre bag

4 x 75mm casters

Dimensions: 760mm x 560mm x 960mm



"Nu Bag"
NBT 200 Laundry
Numatic NuBag NBT 200 Laundry Trolley NuBag NBT 200 Trolley with 2 x 100-Litre Linen Bags robust structofoam base with bumpers £206.35

"Nu Bag"
LLT 200
 Laundry Trolley
Numatic NuBag LLT 200 Laundry Trolley NuBag LLT200 Linen Trolley with Lids consisting of 2 x 100 Litre washable linen laundry bags which are ideal for laundry collection or storage. £206.35

"NuBag"  Laundry Trolleys


Numatic NB3002 Laundry Trolley

Specifications:1 x 100 litre & 1 x 200 litre bag

4 x 200mm highly mobile casters


1110mm x 665mm x 1115mm



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