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Floor Squeegees and Dust Control Sweepers

Our range of Floor Squeegees from 40cm to 75cm wide and "Golden Magnet" Dust Control Sweepers from 40cm to 80cm, including "V" Sweepers with a 2 x 80cm sleeves, Manufactured by Robert Scott.




Chemiclean's Price

Robert Scott

Floor Squeegees

Floor Squeegees

Coloured coded floor squeegees

PFS45 45cm (18") Plastic Frame Floor Squeegee 


PFS55 55cm (22") Plastic Frame Floor Squeegee 


PFS75 75cm (30") Plastic Frame Floor Squeegee 

Available in colours: Grey, Red, Blue, Yellow and Green

NB: The prices shown are for Squeegees only. Aluminium Handles have to be ordered separately, if required. The correct handle for these squeegees is Part No. 540 or 555HO below.







Handles for Floor Squeegees

540 Colour Coded Aluminium Handles 555HO Colour Coded Aluminium Handles

Part No: 540 & 555HO

540 - Aluminum Handles with Colour Coded hand grip for PFS range above. Available in 4 colours, Red, Blue, Yellow and Green

555HO -  Colour Coded Composite Broom Handles  for PFS range above Available in 4 colours, Red, Blue, Yellow and Green



Wet Floor Signs

Safety Floor Signs

Wet Floor Signs essential to comply with Health & Safety regulations.

£10.00 per pair

Dust Control Sweeping Mops

Golden Magnet Dust Control Mops


Golden Magnet Sweepers. These superb sweepers attract and hold fine dust without the need for chemical treatment. Synthetic acrylic sweeper heads easy to launder.

40cm (16") Sweeper c/w frame, handle and head 


60cm (24") Sweeper c/w frame, handle and head 


80cm (32") Sweeper c/w frame, handle and head 







Dust Control Sweeping Mops
Replacement Heads
Golden Magnet Replacement Sweeper heads

GM40SH Replacement 40cm (16") Sweeper head only


GM60SH Replacement 60cm (24") Sweeper head only


GM80SH Replacement 80cm (32") Sweeper head only





Dust Control "V" Sweeping Mops

Golen Magnet V Sweeper Dust Control Mop

160VS: Scissor Action " V" Sweeper complete with a pair of  "Golden Magnet" sleeves

160RH: Pair of Replacement Sweeper heads for Golden Magnet  "V" Sweeper





Chemiclean Products  are a friendly company who believes in giving its customers, good service and  the best prices with 24/48 hour delivery to anywhere on the UK mainland. We also supply the Channel Islands,  Isle of Wight, Ireland, Isle of Man, The Orkneys and Europe.  All prices are plus VAT.  


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