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Numatic PPH320, MFQ370 and CRQ370 HEPA Vacuum cleaners

Best prices on Numatic PPH 320 HEPA Vacuum Cleaner and CRQ370 Clean Room Vacuum Cleaner with Class 100 HEPA filters. These Vacuum Cleaners have been specially designed and tested to provide 99.997% -100% dust filtration at 0.5 micron particle size, for places like computer rooms and other areas where fine dust particles are a hazard. Also highly recommended and approved for use in areas, where asthma and other respiratory conditions exist.





Chemiclean's Price

PPH 320-11

HEPA Vacuum Cleaner

with Tools

Numatic PPH 320 HEPA Vacuum Cleaner
Kit AS1
The PPH has all the many advanced features of the ProVac model range with an additional Hepa filter module achieving an exceptional H13 – 99.95% standard, down to 0.3 micron particle size.

• Advanced Filtration - Engineered with HEPA H13 MicroFilter module.
• Stay Cleaning for Longer - Huge 12L capacity and 31.4M cleaning range.
• Handy Cable Replacement - Nucable system for quick and easy changing of cable.
• Easy, Clean and Safe Emptying - High efficiency, triple-layer HepaFlo filter bags.
• A Tool For Every Job - Professional accessory kit and stainless steel tube set.


CRQ 370

Clean Room Vacuum Cleaner

with Tools

Numatic CRQ370 Clean Room Vacuum Cleaner


Kit AS1 

There is, within many specialized operations, the need for a compact vacuum cleaner that can meet the Clean Room Class 100 specification

In developing the CRQ370 machine we have taken full account of the high filtration requirements whilst, at the same time, ensuring that the machine itself is, in every way, as convenient and user friendly as a standard model.

The 5-stage HEPA filtration design provides a certified operational performance of 100% down to a particle size of 0.1um without loss of power or performance.

Dirt capacity 12 litres. Weight 10.3 kgs. Complete with 2.1 metre vac hoses, 3 piece stainless steel wand, combination carpet hard floor tool, round dusting brush, crevice tool, upholstery nozzle and 2 year manufacturer's warranty.


MFQ 370

Quiet Fine Dust Vacuum Cleaner with HEPA micro-filter for doctors surgeries and hospital theatres

Numatic MFQ370 vaccum cleaner 


Kit AS1

kit AS1


Small – medium size ‘Q’ vac., 12L capacity, plus the HEPA micro filter module for fine dusts giving  99.997% certified efficiency. Standard kit-AS1. Micro filter machines are particularly suited to areas requiring very high levels of filtration, such as; computer rooms, hospital operating theatres & clinics, etc.

Motor Twinflo
Power 230V AV 50/60Hz
Motor Power 620w 
Airflow 45L/sec
Suction 2600mm
Capacity 12L
Cleaning Range 26.8m
Weight 8.9kg
Size 355x355x485mm



HEPA-FLO Disposable Bags

HEPA-FLO Disposable Vacuum Bags

NVM-604016 HEPA-FLO 3 Stage layer Disposable Bags for PPH320, MFQ370-22 and CRQ370-22. Packed 10 bags per packet



(pack of 10 bags)

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