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KGS Flexis Super Shine Crystal Floor Pads

If you require any further assistance, please telephone 0121-523 8833  (Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm). Alternatively email with a contact telephone number

KGS Flexis Super Shine Crystal Floor Pads System

KGS FLEXIS Super Shine Crystal Floor Pads containing FERRZON® offering Diamond Pad Technology. FERRZON® technology has shown to be superior and easy to use than conventional diamond pads for floor maintenance, grinding and polishing. To support the FERRZON® technology the pads are more open weave and stiffer than competitors thereby offering greater self cleaning and much better pad life and durability. The pads offer exceptional performance and can be used wet or dry. If used wet they only require water and remove the need for expensive chemicals.
  • Pad 1 Red - coarse - Use to wet clean the floor so that the dull soiled surface is transformed into a smooth clean floor. This pad removes a thin layer from the surface, cleaning away chemical build-up, old floor finishes and ingrained dirt. Strips floor back to remove scoring, scratch marks and staining. Use wet or dry
  • Pad 2 Blue - medium - Deep cleaning produces an economical light reflective finish. Most popular in large industrial and commercial applications.
  • Use wet or dry
  • Pad 3 Yellow - fine - Polishing and cleaning. Producing a clear reflective shine on a wide variety of hard floor finishes. Use wet or dry
  • Pad 4 Green - very fine - Highest shine available, the ultimate glossy, first class finish. Also helps to retain good pore density and greater resistance to water and staining. Also use this pad as part of your daily cleaning programme to maintain the floor surface.
  • Use wet or dry.
  • Available in all sizes from 15"/380mm - 21"/525mm
  • Packed 2 pads per box of each grade, coarse, medium, fine and very fine
  • Prices from £59.00 per box containing 2 Flexis Super Shine floor pads
  • These pads require water only -  No other cleaning products or polish

Demonstration video of KGS Flexis Super Shine Floor Pads

(click above link to open demonstration video in new window on your browser)

Super Shine Flexis Crystal Pads can be use with the following types of floor machines


Numatic NuPower NPR Range Numatic NuSpeed Rotary Machine Numatic NuSpeed Twin Speed 150/300rpm Numatic Twintec Scrubber Dryer
Hurricane Range NuSpeed Range NuSpeed NRT1530 Numatic Twintec