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UK Manufacturers and Distributors of Floor Maintenance Products, consisting of Floor Cleaners, Floor Polish, Floor Pads and Floor Polish Stripper. We provide advice on cleaning and maintaining floors, removing chewing gum and oil stains. Also we are Main UK Distributors for Numatic Rotary Scrubber/Polishers. 




Chemiclean's Price


Multi-Purpose Floor & Hard Surface Cleaner

BIOCHEM  Hard Surface Cleaner 
Packed in 5 and 25 litres
BIOCHEM is a concentrated multi-purpose product, formulated to clean and disinfect floors, paintwork and washable hard surfaces, efficiently while at the same time remove unpleasant odours. BIOCHEM has been independently tested to BS 6471 and has anti-microbial value of 90. BIOCHEM contains no caustic alkali, is non-acidic and contains no harmful solvents such as glycol ethers. BIOCHEM cleans and disinfects in one operation, saving time and money. Ideal solution for damp mopping with Microfibre mop or wet mopping with any conventional mop.  

£2.10 per litre



Spray/Buff Cleaner

BUFFER  Spray & Buff Cleaner Maintainer

Packed in 5 litres

BUFFER combines detergents polymers and waxes to enable the cleaning and maintenance of hard floor surfaces. BUFFER is suitable for use with all types of standard and high speed polishing machines and can be used on sealed wood, linoleum, vinyl, thermoplastic and rubber composite floors. BUFFER can be used on most types of floor surfaces, simply apply by spray or damp mop method. BUFFER contains no harsh chemicals, leaves a non-slip gloss finish after use.

£1.87 per litre


Metalised Emulsion Floor Polish

Packed in 5 litres

DRI-BRITE incorporates special acrylic polymers and waxes to give a tough durable dry, bright metallised polish on all non-porous surfaces. DRI-BRITE provides a tough scuff-resistant glossy finish which can withstand even very hard traffic. The special acrylic polymers provide improved  gloss and extended durability when the floor is regularly maintained using BIOCHEM or BUFFER.  DRI-BRITE protects and enhances many surfaces including vinyl, thermoplastic, linoleum, sealed wood, sealed cork, rubber and pitch-mastic floors.   

£3.44 per litre


  Heavy Duty Cleaner  for removing Rubber Marks

DEEP FRESH  - Rubber Mark Remover 
Packed in 5 litres
DEEP FRESH has been specially formulated to remove rubber scruff and tyre marks from textured "non slip" flooring, vinyl and painted workshop floors. Also, is very effect in removing in grained grime from textured  non - slip flooring in heavy traffic areas such as kitchens and toilet floors. DEEP FRESH can be sprayed, mopped or brushed on with a scrubbing brush, depending how on stubborn the soiling. DEEP FRESH is a concentrate, so it can be diluted up to 20 parts with water.

£2.68 per litre


Heavy Duty
Scrubber Dryer Cleaner
FLOORDET Heavy Duty Scrubber Dryer Cleaner

FLOORDET is a highly concentrated solvent-free cleaner and degreaser containing a blend of non-caustic alkalis and versatile surface active agents, to remove grease, oil and other types of stubborn grime from a variety of surfaces. FLOORDET is safe to use on most hard surfaces clean and pleasantly perfumed. FLOORDET will easily remove Metalized Floor Polishes, without the need for a neutralising agent.

FLOORDET can be used with Rotary Floor Machines or Floor Scrubber Driers

£2.25 per litre


Chewing Gum Remover

No Photograph GUM GONE is an environmentally friendly product made from the extract of oranges and other ozone friendly agents. GUM GONE has been specially formulated to remove chewing gum safely from all types of hard floor surfaces, carpets and upholstery without damaging the surface or fabric

Packed 10 x 500ml Bottles with Directional Nozzle

£42.86 per Case


Floor Cleaner

No Photograph

Packed in 5 litre containers

LEMON PINE GEL CLEANER is a highly concentrated bactericidal cleaner, widely used in hotels, offices, sport centres and schools for the daily maintenance of floors. LEMON PINE GEL CLEANER is a blend of natural soaps, combined with the purest grade of pine oil to clean and disinfect all washable surfaces, economically and efficiently, in one operation.

£1.90 per litre


Multi-Purpose Floor & Hard Surface Cleaner
MIGHTY Hard Surface Cleaner MIGHTY is an effective spray and wipe multi-surface cleaner for all washable hard surfaces with a pleasant lemon fragrance. MIGHTY is a versatile surface active agents will
remove grease, oil and other types of stubborn grime from a variety of surfaces, including gloss paintwork, plastics, vinyl, PVC, laminated worktop and floor surfaces, ceramics, anodised and painted metal surfaces. Packed in 5 litre containers

£1.30 per litre


 Concentrated Quarry Tile Floor Cleaner


Quarryclean Stone Tile Cleaner 

QUARRY CLEAN combines caustic free alkalis, surfactants and chlorine releasing agents to enable the cleaning of quarry tiles, stone, concrete and terrazzo floor surfaces.  Also can be used on ceramic wall tiles.  QUARRY CLEAN cleans and enhances the tile grouting to leave a new look finish bPacked in 5 litre containers

£2.32 per litre


Safety Floor Cleaner

SAFETY FLOOR 50 for cleaning and maintaining all types of anti-slip flooring. Specially designed to remove heavy soiling including grease, grime and general dirt. Highly concentrated dilutes up to 80:1 with water. Ideal for use with a mop, Rotary Floor Scrubber or Scrubber/Drier. Packed in 5 litres

£2.52 per litre


Emulsion Polish Stripper

No Picture

Packed in 5 litres

SPEEDY blends non-caustic alkalis, solvents and specialised additives to enable the removal of emulsion polishes without the need for machine scrubbing. SPEEDY requires no rinsing when used at the correct dilution..

Normal Stripping: Dilute with 5 parts of warm or cold water. (Heavily built-up polished areas may require dilution with 3 parts water). Mop the solution onto the floor leaving it uniformly wet. Leave for 15 minutes agitating with mop from time to time and avoid drying out by applying more solution if necessary. Remove slurry with wet vacuum or by dry mopping. Allow floor to dry before re-applying new polish

Spray Stripping: Dilute with 20 parts water. Spray a fine mist over the surface and scrub thoroughly using a rotary machine fitted with a stripping pad. Remove any residue using either a wet pick-up machine or by mopping. Finally, damp mop floor and allow to dry before re-applying fresh polish

Machine Stripping: Dilute with 10 parts water. Apply solution to floor and machine scrub using a rotary machine fitted with a stripping pad. Remove any slurry using a wet vacuum machine or mop thoroughly. When surface is dry apply new polish.

£2.60 per litre


Heavy Duty Cleaner

Vanish 643 Heavy Duty Cleaner

Packed in 5 litres

VANISH 643 is a highly concentrated solvent-free cleaner and degreaser containing a blend of non-caustic alkalis and versatile surface active agents, to remove grease, oil and other types of stubborn grime from a variety of surfaces. VANISH 643 is safe to use on most hard surfaces, leaving them clean and pleasantly perfumed.

Hard Surface Cleaning: Dilute with up to 60 parts of hot or cold water. Spray, mop or sponge onto surface. Leave up to 5-minutes contact time before scrubbing or rinsing surface.

N.B. VANISH 643 should not be allowed to dry onto glass.

£1.98 per litre

    Commercial Cleaning Equipment  

Multimop 350

Multimop 350 Giant Professional Sponge Mop complete with grey 3 piece aluminum handle for heavy duty use.


Multimop 350 Accessories

Giant Sponge Mop

628140  35 cm Multimop 350 Giant Sponge Mop Refill



Multimop 350 Accessories


Scouring Mop

Scouring Mop  628142  35 cm Mulimop 350 Giant Scouring Mop Pad - Ideal for cleaning Anti-Slip flooring, including Alto flooring. Also for cleaning the edges of skirting boards with its pad holder that can swivel to any angle.

Recommendation: Use "Safety Floor 50" Safety Floor Cleaner for cleaning Anti-Slip or Alto flooring.



Numatic Conventional Mopping Systems 

Aluminium Mop Handle with Bactiguard Conventional Mop

Kentucky Mop Handle

Bactiguard Kentucky (Monsoon) Mop

628192 2 piece Aluminium Mop Handle & Bactiguard Mop

628194  2 piece Aluminium Coated Conventional Mop Handle 

628193  Conventional Cotton (Blue) Bactiguard Mop 

627610   MS1 3 piece Aluminium  Kentucky (Monsoon) Coated Mop Handle 

627575  Bactiguard Kentucky (Monsoon) Mop Heads. Colour: Green not Blue as shown

The Numatic range is manufactured to exceptional high quality for commercial use and has been treated with a bactericidal agent.

Alternative conventional mops are available on our mopping systems page.

£12.55 each

£9.99 each

£2.75 each

£17.85 each

£8.00 each


Henry & Hetty

Spray Mop complete with Microfibre Mop Heads

Ideal as a polish applicator or damp mopping vinyl, ceramic or laminated floors

  HETTY Spraymop

Henry & Hetty Spray Mop

Designed and manufactured by Numatic International, the most robust and versatile flat mopping system to use for damp mopping and as polish applicator. The “Henry” Spray Mop has a full 40cm (16”) Microfibre Mop Head with its own 400ml detachable bottle for re-filling, that can be hand or foot operated to apply small quantities at a time of floor cleaner, metallised polish or water, as required to keep the mop damp to clean or polish the floor. The Henry Spray Mop is very efficient and economical in the use with cleaning solutions and polish.    

Special Offer



"Slalom"  Flat Mop Holder with Comfort Grip Handle 


Mop with Mop Holder & Handle complete

DTK3C 40cm Slalom Flat Mop Holder for "Hang On"   mop heads with comfort grip.

"Hang On" mop head that clips on to the mop holder and can be folded and placed in mop wringer to remove  the water from the mop

"Hang On " Mop Head

 629334  DTK3 40cm Slalom Flat Mop Holder for "Hang On" fitting mop heads complete without comfort grip







Microfibre NyloStripe Mop Head


DTK3C Mop Kits

Microfibre NyloStripe Hang On Mop Head

The NEW Microfibre NyloStripe "Hang On" Mop for DTK3C  providing a light scrubbing action, when mopping. Colour: White with Grey/Blue Stripe.

629091  (singles)

629088   (Bulk Pack of 10) 




£7.50 each

£70.00 per 10


"Smoothline" with Plastic Wringer

Mopping Unit



  • Large 23 litre capacity bucket with strong wringer included. Takes Kentucky Mops from 12 to 20 oz.

  • Printed "Wet Floor - Caution" sign 

  • Two steel handles, large pouring lip, underside grip handle and 75mm casters

  • Available colours Yellow, Red, Blue and Green.

  • COM450 23 litre Combo Unit with Plastic Wringer for use with  Kentucky Mops up to 20oz

Special Promotional Offer

£39.95 each

(was £60.40)

Hard Floor
Bonnet Mops
Hard Floor Bonnet Mop Hard Floor Bonnet Mops for final drying buffing of floors to give Final Gloss Finish, after spray cleaning and buffing with Red Floor Maintenance Pad.
15HF    375mm/15" Hard Floor Bonnet Mop
17HF    425mm/17" Hard Floor Bonnet Mop


Microfibre Hard Floor Bonnet Mops Microfibre Bonnet Mop Microfibre Hard Floor Bonnet Mops for final drying buffing of floors to give Final Gloss Finish, after spray cleaning and buffing with Red Floor Maintenance Pad.
MICRO-BM15    375mm/15" Microfibre Bonnet Mop
MICRO-BM17 425mm/17" Microfibre Bonnet Mop


KGS Flexis Super Shine Crystal Floor Pads KGS Flexis Diamond Floor Pads KGS Flexis Crystal Floor Pads are designed for cleaning and polishing stone floors to high polished finish without the use of any chemicals.

KGS Flexis Super Shine Crystal Floor Pad System for the restoration and general maintenance of Marble, Terrazzo, Granite, Limestone, Ceramic Tiles and Polished Concrete floors.

High Speed Floor Pads

for rotary machines with speeds of 450 rpm and over
High Speed Floor Pads SAPPHIRE - 17"/425mm High Speed Floor Pads for high lustre polishing: A super soft polishing pad to give floors a high gloss shine. Suitable for daily use. (pack of 5 pads)

NATURAL - 17"/425mm High Speed Floor Pads for moderate burnishing: Virgin polyester combined with natural bristles and a special elastic resin make a very durable and flexible pad. Suitable for vigorous polishing or to finish the floor after crystallization. (pack of 5 pads)


Floor Pads

Standard floor pads for machines with speeds up to 300 rpm

Floor Maintenance Pads available in sizes 6"/150mm to 21"/525mm and in colours, Black, Brown, Green, Tan, Blue, White and Red. 

Floor Pads  6"/150mm -  Any colour in packs of 5

Floor Pads 11"/275mm - Any colour in packs of 5

Floor Pads 12"/300mm - Any colour in packs of 5

Floor Pads 14"/350mm  - Any colour in packs of 5

Floor Pads 15"/375mm - Any colour in packs of 5

Floor Pads 16"/400mm - Any colour in packs of 5

Floor Pads 17"/425mm - Any colour in packs of 5

Floor Pads 18"/450mm - Any colour in packs of 5

Floor Pads 20"/500mm - Any colour in packs of 5

Floor Pads 21"/525mm - Any colour in packs of 5

Floor Pads 24"/600mm - Red, Green and Black in packs of 5













Which Floor Pad do I use?


Application Floor Pads should be cleaned regularly for longer life.

We recommend using our Polish Stripper "Speedy" and a stiff nylon brush Makes the job of cleaning easier!!!


Polished to High Gloss to any existing finish


Speedy Shine to any finish & freshly applied polish


Spray Clean and Buff. Removes Scuff marks and dirt


Heavy Duty Scrubbing and Spray Stripping


Scrubbing & Stripping Floor Finishes


Heavy Duty Scrubbing


Heavy Duty Polish Stripping- removes old polish

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