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Numatic NAW1515K Woodworker

for sanding wooden floors


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Numatic Woodworker
The preparation, restoration and maintenance of wood floors is fully justified by the end result - that lustrous finish and depth of colour. The Numatic Woodworker is at the heart of any wood care program. Whether in the pre-sanding or in the sanding mode you have power in abundance. There is a selection of abrasive pads, sanding discs, polishing discs, floor dusting discs, an optional weight attachment for difficult surfaces.  Also, The Numatic Woodworker is supplied with powerful dry vacuum system to remove the dust from sanding .  When the sanding is over you have a powerful polishing machine with a full range of accessories that will help you apply both the wood stains and the final polish to achieve a beautiful and lasting result

We stock additional supplies of  pre-sanding and sanding discs from 40 to 150 grit, polishing discs from grades 600 to 2000 etc.

The Woodworker is very versatile, because it can be easily converted to use as a standard rotary floor scrubber/polisher for floor stripping, scrubbing, polishing, including marble and granite polishing etc. When not being used for sanding. 

Numatic Woodwork NAW1515K with optional extra 10 kilo "drop on" weight

Specifications:  Power 230/240 volt, Motor 1500 watt, Deck Size 400mm, Brush 400mm, Speed 150rpm, Vacuum Dustrol 150, Cleaning Range 32 metres, Weight 32 kilos, Size 1185x580x450mm.

The Numatic Woodworker Airo System is a complete "ready to use" system, comprising Sanding Skirt, Dustrol 130 Vacuum kit and Airo Drive board. 

Optional Extra:  10 kilo Drop on weight. 

2 year manufacturer's warranty. 

Price:  1,165 + VAT     

 (Manufacturer's List Price: 1,331.50 + VAT)

Available Sanding and Polishing Discs

606093 606093 Airo Starter Pack (1 set) 139.00
606130 606130 Airo-Prep: Pre-Sand Pad (Pack of 5) 42.00
606131 606131 Airo-Sand: Sanding Disc 40 Grit (x10) 101.65
606132 606132 Airo-Sand: Sanding Disc 60 Grit (x10) 89.00
606134 606134 Airo-Sand: Sanding Disc 80 Grit (x10) 89.00
606135 606135 Airo-Sand: Sanding Disc 100 Grit (x10) 75.00
606136 606136 Airo-Sand: Sanding Disc 120 Grit (x10) 75.00
606137 606137 Airo-Sand: Sanding Disc 150 Grit (x10) 75.00
606138 606138 Airo-Pol: Polipad grade 600 (x5) 69.50
606142 Airo-Dust: Dusting Disc (Pack of 5) 39.25
    Other Replacement Accessories    
606620 606620 400mm Airo Drive Board 124.80
HFM Dustrol Kit 906412 HFM Dustrol Kit (Blue) 258.58
606077 606077 HFM  10Kg Drop On Weight 87.40
604015 604015 HEPA-FLO 3 stage Disposable Dust Bags for Dustrol Vacuum Cleaner 8.80

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