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Henry and Numatic bags of all sizes

Henry HEPA-FLO Disposable Bags
Numatic HEPA-FLO Disposable Bags

Numatic Airo-Brush for removing Cat and Dog Hairs


for Henry, NRV 200, Henry Micro and  James for removing cat and dog hairs.

Our Price

£23.00 + VAT 

Hairobrush for removing Pet Hairs

Smaller Brush 140mm for removing Pet Hairs

£13.99 + VAT


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Numatic Range of  Vacuum Cleaner Accessories and Spares

Numatic logoWe stock Vacuum Cleaner Bags, Hoses, Floor Nozzles, Upholstery Nozzles - Just check out our wide range of  accessories for the popular Numatic Machines.  We have access to over 7,000 spare parts and accessories, including switches, carbon brushes, cables, motors, filters etc.

A friendly company who cares about its customers. We provide a  free 24/28 hour delivery on all orders to anywhere on the UK mainland, (subject to stock availability). We also deliver to the Channel Islands,  Isle of Wight, Ireland, Isle of Man and the Orkneys

Accessories and Disposable Bags for every model of Vacuum Cleaner

Henry Tool Kit A1 "Henry"and "Hetty" Vacuum Cleaner - Accessories and Disposable Dust Bags
Henry Xtra Accessories "Henry Xtra" Vacuum Cleaner - Accessories and Disposable Bags
Charles Accessories and Disposable Bags "Charles" Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner Accessories and Disposable Bags
George Accessories "George" Carpet Cleaner Accessories and Disposable Bags
Numatic CT and CTD Accessories Cleantec Range CTT-370, CTT-470, CTD 570-2 (CTD-572) & CTD 900-2 (CTD-902) Carpet Cleaners
HZQ and NZDQ Accessories HZQ-200, HZQ-370, HZ-570, HZ-900 Vacuum Cleaner Range
HZQ and NZDQ Accessories HZDQ-570, HZDQ-900 Dual MotorVacuum Cleaner Range 
Tool Kit JV1/NPH1 "James", NQS-250B, NQS-350B, NRV240, NRV370, PSP180-2, PSP240-2 and PSP 370-2
Tool Kit AS1 NVQ-200 and NVQ-370 Vacuum Cleaner Range
NVQ 570-900 Accessories NVQ-570, NVDQ-572, NVQ-900 and NVDQ-902 Vacuum Cleaner Range
Kit A30A RSV-130,  RSV-130M, RSV-130T and RSV-200 "Ruc Sac" Vacuum Cleaner Range
Kit A21A WV370, WV380 and WV470 wet and dry vacuum cleaner range
WV570-900 Accessories WV570,WVD570-2 (WVD572),WV900 and WVD900-2 (WVD902) Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner Range

Numatic Motor

Spares for Numatic and Henry Vacuum Cleaners: 
Cables, Castors, Filters, Handles, Motors, Switches etc

Henry Vacuum Cleaner Henry, Hetty, Henry Extra, Henry Micro Vacuum Cleaner Spares
Numatic Vacuum Cleaners Numatic Vacuum Cleaner Spares for all models NRV, NVQ, NDS, NDD, 200, 370, 470, 570, 750 and 900 series etc.
George Carpet Cleaner George Carpet Cleaner and Numatic CT470 motors, pumps,castors etc
Numatic CT and CTD 570/900 series Carpet Cleaner Numatic CT/CTD 570 and 900 Carpet Cleaner series spares

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Spares/Accessories Dept: 0121-523 8833 or 0121-523 8844 

Henry and Numatic HEPA-FLO Disposable Bags We supply HEPA-FLO Disposable Bags for all Henrys, Hetty, Harry, George, Charles, James and all Numatic 200, 300, 400, 500 and 900 series vacuum cleaners which can be found on the models vacuum cleaner spares pages