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Interior Cleaners, Exterior Cleaners and Polishes We provide a comprehensive range of Car Valeting and Vehicle Cleaning Products. All our products are specially formulated for commercial use, gained from over 30 years experience of meeting customer's requirements. We deliver within 24/48 hours anywhere in UK mainland (Monday to Friday)  

Product Description Pack Size Price

ALBRITE Alloy Wheel Cleaner



Alloy Wheel Cleaner

Albrite is a concentrated blend of inhibited acids and surface active agents specially formulated to remove a  heavy build-up of rust, scale and brake dust from alloy wheels, without hard scrubbing. Albrite can be diluted up to 10 parts with water

5 litres


2.78 per litre

PEEK Metal Polish 100ml

PEEK Metal Polish 250ml
Peek Metal Polish

Metal Polish - Cleans, Polishes & Protects. A High Quality Polish for Brass, Copper, Chrome, Steel, Aluminium, Alloy Wheels, Fibreglass & Ceramics.



 APC All Purpose Cleaner and Shampoo


All Purpose Manual Vehicle Shampoo

A concentrated blend of soaps, surfactants and high foam wetting agents, specially formulated for cleaning by hand, Vehicle Paintwork on Cars, Vans and other Commercial Vehicles. Also APC can be used as a multi-purpose hard surface cleaner for cleaning all washable surfaces. APC can be diluted with up to 80 parts of water

5 & 25 litres

2 x 25 litres

4 x 25 litres

8 x 25 litres


99p per litre

94p per litre

92p per litre

84p per litre


BIOCHEM Multi Purpose Cleaner


Multi Purpose Cleaner

Biochem is a multi-purpose product formulated to clean and disinfect all washable surfaces, while at the same time remove unpleasant odours. It idea for cleaning vinyl trim , dashboards and head linings. Removes Nicotine and stale tobacco, food and pet odours.

Also Spray & Wipe version available "Pinefresh", packed in 6 x 750ml Spray bottles

5 litres

2.10 per litre


COCKPIT CLEANER  Vinyl Cleaner and Interior Polish

Cockpit Cleaner

Vinyl Cleaner and Interior Polish

A white emulsion polish with a slightly citrus perfume designed to clean and leave a gloss finish on all vinyl trims in one operation. This product is silicone free, therefore safe to use in paint and body workshops.

Also Spray & Wipe version available, packed in 6 x 750ml Trigger Spray bottles

5 litre

3.08 per litre

TYRE GLOSS  Long Life High Gloss Tyre  Dressing 

Tyre Gloss

Long Life High Gloss Tyre  Dressing

A special formulated silicone based Tyre Dressing to give a long lasting high gloss finish to tyres and trims, Tyre Gloss will also leave a water resistant finish, that ensures that tyres keep their "new look" finish longer. Easy to Use, simply spray or wipe directly onto the surface, then leave to dry.

5 litre

3.40 per litre


All Purpose Car Polish  (New improved formula)

A liquid car polish specifically formulated to use on new and used vehicles, also can be used as a pre-delivery inspection valeting product. This polish contains carnauba wax to give a gentle but very efficient cleaning and polishing action, leaving a very high gloss.


5 litres 

3.22 per litre

Dashboard Trimsheen

Provides gloss finish on all Dashboards and vinyl car trims in one operation. Perfumed Polish leaving a pleasant fragrance. Packed in 400ml Aerosol       



25.00 per doz.

CRUSADER  Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner


Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner

Crusader blends controlled foaming detergents with brightening agents to leave carpets and upholstery, thoroughly clean and spot-free, when used through a soil extraction machine. Dilute Crusader with up to 40 parts of water. Add solution to the main wash tank. Apply to area being cleaned removing residue using vacuum pick up, then allow to dry. 

5 litres

1.98 per litre


MIRROR  Glass Cleaner 


Liquid Glass Cleaner

Special blend of surfactants and grease removers with the addition of vinegar to clean glass surfaces including windows, windscreens, VDU and TV screens, leaving a sparkling smear free finish.  Spray on as supplied, polish off with a lint free cloth.

Also Spray & Wipe version available "Oracle", packed in 6 x 750ml Spray bottles

5 litres 1.98 per litre


Concentrated Foaming Traffic Film Remover

SNOWSTORM is a concentrated foaming traffic film remover, designed for use through a pressure washer fitted with a foaming lance, specifically formulated to remove traffic film, oil, grease and general soiling from all types of vehicles. The thick foam clings onto the vehicle's bodywork allowing better contact with dirt and grime. This produces a better finish without brushing. Snowstorm is highly concentrated and can be diluted with up to 100 parts of water in conjunction with pressure washer with foaming lance, using machine settings.

5 & 25 litres

2 x 25 litres

4 x 25 litres

1.98 per litre

1.88 per litre

1.78 per litre

Tar & Glue Remover

No Picture


Tar and Glue Remover is a blend of powerful solvents and emulsifiers specially developed to dissolve and remove tar and bitumen residues. Tar and Glue Remover can be used on vehicle paintwork and a variety of other hard surfaces.


5 litres

2.92 per litre

TFR92  Traffic Film Remover


Traffic Film Remover

TFR 92 is a concentrated blend of detergents and sequestrates, specifically formulated to remove traffic film, oil, grease and general soiling from all types of vehicles. TFR 92 is highly concentrated and can be diluted with up to 100 parts of water. 


25 litres

2 x 25 litres

4 x 25 litres

8 x 25 litres


95p per litre

90p per litre

85p per litre

76p per litre


TRIDENT 100  Engine Cleaner and Degreaser

Trident 100

Concentrated Engine Cleaner and Degreaser

Trident 100 is a concentrated emulsifiable solvent degreaser, designed to quickly cut through heavy grease, oil and grime. Trident 100 can be diluted with paraffin, diesel or white spirit, resulting in extremely low in-use costs. Trident 100 can be used for general degreasing of engines, oils and grease on floors, metal parts, plant and equipment.

25 litres

1.72 per litre

923    1 Pint/500ml   Bottle & Trigger Sprayer 



1.36 each

PU18EPDM  1.8 litre Pressure Sprayers ideal for dispensering diluted Traffic Film Removers for cleaning wheel trims or for use with any Alkaline product.



PU18VTN  1.8 Pressure Sprayers with Vitron Seals for dispensering Alloy Wheel Cleaner and other Acid products.



ALTRA 1000  Pressure Sprayer ALTRA 1000 8.5 litre Chemical Resistant Pressure Sprayer for Acids & Detergents. Can used for Alloy Wheel Cleaner and Traffic Film Remover. single 29.50

Hydra-Flexi Blade

The Hydra-Flexi Blade are super soft silicone "squeegees" for quick drying of vehicles (or any hard, smooth surface). It works by sweeping water droplets away instantly - leaving surfaces virtually dry and smear-free.


8.50 each

2 for 10.00


All prices are plus VAT.   Free 24/48 Hour Delivery on orders over 35.00 to anywhere in the UK mainland.

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